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I've been speaking to my local self described Jag mechanic and he claims that the AWD system on the X-Type is an all-or-nothing thing.

Disconnect the rear drive shaft or knacker the rear diff and you get lose all drive to all wheels.

Although the cost of supplying and fitting a warrantied used transfer box is ... acceptable I'd rather not spend that money at this moment.

Has anyone had any experience of isolating the transfer box and running just on the front wheels?

Ta very glad.

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thats correct for most 4wd drive cars

you have 3 diffs, lose any drive shaft and you lose all drive

transfer case just diverts power to the rear

if you want 100% power to front and rear, only way is to get the centre diff locked, easiest way it to weld it up, dont think there are any after market centre diff lock options

some more serious awd cars have the ability to lock the centre diff, top of the range awd's are able to lock all 3 diffs , but it not a cheap option

some cars use lsd's, limited slip differentials, which will give certain levels of power splits like 60/40 or 50/50 power splits to front and rear

modern off roaders like land rovers cheat, they usually still have the centre diff lock option, but the use the abs to replace the front and rear diff lockers, by automatically electronically applying the brakes to the wheel that spins, hence giving the opposite wheel traction,



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