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Hi fellow Jaguar owners, I have a question to ask you knowledgeable people when it comes to all matters Jaguar. My S type 2.7D Auto has recently developed a slight whine type noise when pressing the accelerator pedal. This stops whenever I lift my foot off the pedal. Any ideas as to what might be going on? A possible leaking air hose has been suggested to me as a possible cause.

All assistance gratefully welcomed, regards Graham

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Hi Graham,

I had a similar one a couple of months ago.  I applied the brakes gently and it went.  The car passed its MOT a week or so later.

Conclusion:  I don't know, but as its gone I can't be bothered!




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if its a hissing gushing type noise, it can be a split hose and its turbo boosted air escaping

worth have a good feel round the hoses after the turbos, usually you will get engine faults, so it might not be this

other thing it could be just turbo whistling/whine, some car do it worse than others



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