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So I've recently bought a Jaguar XF Portfolio 3.0 S and am loving it. I picked her up from an independent dealers who had taken her in as a part ex.

Needed a few jobs doing; thorough clean inside and out, full service, front and rear brake discs and pads, a couple of tyres and then the biggie…...  The timing belts!

Not the worst I've done but there was a lot of stripping down and it took me about a day and a half to do the timing belt and the fuel pump belt.

I also fitted a detachable towbar for the bike rack sorted a few bits of paintwork out (front and rear bumpers mainly- but it's got front and rear sensors and a camera!! Work that out 😄 )

Plus I took the trim off the bootlid as I noticed some blistering in four or five places along the top of the trim and so took this back to bare metal, treated and painted.

I'm really loving driving her and the climate controlled seats are a god send this time of year.

There's a few niggling problems which I'll post in the hope that someone can save me time with fault finding.    

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Welcome to the club, Robert.

The club members do like to share experiences and your input will be very useful.

The XF is a very good car and the few times in have been in one I have been well impressed.  Enjoy!




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