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S type battery problem need help


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Hi Everyone

I have a most devastating problem with my 2.6D 06 plate S type.

Just spent the last 14 days in hospital and when i went to open the car I found the battery total dead.

I can open the drivers door but only the drivers door, I can not open the boot to charge the battery.

What I would like help with is how do I get into the boot when I can see no key hole and the car is dead.

Please let me know any information you have I would very much appreciate it.

Thanks in advance Vangard.

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easiest way it to open the bonnet

open the fuse the box, there are some bare brass connectors, in the slots

put the earth on the body or engine and put the 12v red lead on one of those brass parts

this will give you power to open the boot with ignition on

dont attempt to start the car as you will get lots of module faults

this method is only to open the boot, once open, either replace battery or charge overnight



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On 9/4/2018 at 6:22 PM, vangard said:

Hi Joe

When you say put the earth on the body and the live on the brass part do you mean a battery charger or a jump lead?.

Sorry but I am new to this one and need more advice.

Thanks Des 

Either will do the job. All you need is a small current for a fraction of a second while you press the button.

However, I would rather use a battery charger because the power from a set of jump leads can be dangerous.

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Hi All

I ended up jacking up the car and putting it on axle stands so I could remove the belly pan.

once that was gone I connected a jump starter to the starter motor. This powered it up so I could open the boot.

I tried to do it by using the fuse box as suggested but could not get it to work.

One tip I have though, and that is to leave one of the rear seat backs undone, that  way you can lower it and have excess to the boot should it ever happen again.

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