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The DAB radio in my 2008 XF has stopped working.  (The rest of the audio system works fine). My local friendly car-electrics guy says the DAB module needs replacing, but if I get a second-hand one (a new one is around £450+VAT - not worth it for a 10-year-old car) it will need to be re-coded to the car.  My local Jag dealer says that re-coding is not necessary, or indeed possible, and that if I get a second-hand unit fitted it should work.  Before I shell out £80-100 for a second-hand DAB unit, is there anyone out there who has any experience of this and can advise me, please?

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DAB module, (mounted behind the boot trim above the audio amp), is a direct swap and doesn't require coding to the car.

I did that very thing at the weekend on my XF with a £14 ebay DAB module. Takes about 20 minutes depending upon how recalcitrant the trim is 😉

£80 - £100 seems indecently expensive for the module though.

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Got the same problem on my XF S 2011 cant seem to find a DAB module at the price you said above? Also confused as to where the module actually is? some say in the boot and others say under the seat?


Any advice welcome.





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