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XF Colour Identification by Reg Number 2013 - 2014.

Paul 63

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Hi all,


Is there a way of identifying an XF paint colour by registration number alone?

Unfortunately, the cars I need to identify the colour of are a long distance away and I don't have access to the VIN numbers.

The colour I want for the XF would be Dark Sapphire Blue, and, subject to colour verification, probably not Indigo Blue.


Am I correct in my assumption that the colour of the 2014 car in the image below is indeed Dark Sapphire as described in the advert?




Am I correct in thinking that Dark Sapphire is darker than Indigo Blue?


Any information greatly appreciated.










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2 hours ago, Leo said:

Mine is Indigo Blue and this looks the same, though you really can’t tell from a photo.

It is hard to imagine anything darker than Indigo!

My S Type is also Indigo Blue, but in the sunlight  the metallic element shows up and it does look a bit lighter.

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