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First Long Trip

Jon Hyde

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Hi All,

Sorry if this is boring, but...

Just had our first long trip in my XF. Kay & I went to a niece's wedding in Ireland, drove from Sussex to Holyhead for the Dublin ferry, over to Tipperary, tootled around a bit, then back via Rosslare and Fishguard.

XF never missed a beat and was a total joy! Really impressed the relatives too.

Biggest surprise?...

Apart from the silly grin on my face, we averaged 42mpg. In no way hanging around either! Not bad for a 3.0L V6!

Loving my XF more every day! Now, where's the sponge & car shampoo?


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No boring, Jon.  I went from Pembroke Dock once on an overnight Ferry to Rosslare.  Having driven from Birmingham and with the ferry being two hour late I managed to find a more or less empty area to get a bit of shut eye.   Woken half an hour later by 3 teenagers who were a bit vociferous.  I asked them if they could swim, and I think they got the message!


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