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New to Jags..


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Hi. I'm Rhys from near Goole (originally from York). I'm picking up a nice 2010 XFS tomorrow so really looking forward to that.

It's only the luxury model (doesn't even have a reversing camera, but having never used one I won't miss it) but it has sports (very comfy) seats and looks great with the black piano trim with the black leather. Pics to follow over the weekend.. :)

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Cheers folks. Getting close to picking it up now...

I've never had a car that has been nice looking. All have had dents, scratches, paint splatters or simply rotting away.. True to form this one has a massive dent... well, a very small chip on the rear bumper where a tow bar has touched it. 😆

Getting excited a bit now..

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Yay!! Picked it up. Sat on the seller's drive for a while familiarising myself with the controls etc. and adjusting the seat. I took my TomTom and was going to use that, but decided to bite the bullet and try the inbuilt one. Took me a while to get used it tbh. Was a bit confusing when I'm used to the TomTom (Ive the latest one with inbuilt hands free and text message notification/reading). It's had the latest 2018 maps added which helps.

Was a nice drive back, and it's taking me a while to get the seat adjusted properly as I soon get uncomfortable. BMW seats kill my legs after a while (have had 3) Guessing sports seats aren't as soft as standard? Sorry, but nothing beats Volvo V70 seats for comfort (have had 2 T5's, and 850 and a V70 - sooo comfortable)

Shame it gets dark early as I'd've had a longer play before heading home. Was sat on my drive playing with the controls/settings for about an hour. Got a battery warning so had to start it again.. Hope that's not on it's way out..

Just reading through all the bumf in the handbook at the min, and pleased it's recently had its timing belt changed, as well as a full service. Service book is full so will need another one off fleabay..

I've resisted the temptation to boot it until I'm thoroughly used to it :rolleyes: ..but suffice to say I soon got up to speed on the M1 earlier.. :whistling1:

I had the cruise control set to 70 to avoid temptation :innocent:




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