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heater light flashing


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Hello...first post!

I have a 2006 2.0litre diesel estate, and it can be a !Removed! to start after the first cold start.

I have always with modern cars just turned the key with no throttle and away whatever it is goes.

This one sometimes goes but often takes a few attempts and occasionally ends up witht the heater light flashing after it does start. I find it will often go with a touch of throttle, but sometimes needs a few moments of running to  respond to the throttle.....but if it is cold it starts straight away, no hesitation and revs as required. The not starting is really not predictable......

Any ideas folks? I will put a reader on it when life calms down a bit.

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Welcome to the club, David,

This happened to a member of the club with a similar model.  He did take it to a main dealer who said that the glow plugs and injectors needed replacing at the cost of £1200.

He checked with his local garage and they told him about Terraclean, which is a cleaning out of the fuel system.  He had it done and all was well. It cost about £120.

Before you do that I would suggest you try a fuel additive which I use occasionally with my 2.7D s type.  Miller oils have an additive call Diesel power Eco plus which keeps the fuel system clean at a cost of about £15.

My son also uses it on his 2.0 litre D x type estate.

Two other things you should do is to use premium fuel and when you start your car, always make sure the glow plug light has gone out.




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