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Spark plug bank 5 photos and brilliant code reader .


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I was having misfire issues with bank 5 and 'restricted performance' issues with my 2.5 V6    im guessing past "mechanics" of this car (ive only just bough it)  couldnt be botherd to remove the manifold to get to it .. it also had lean mixture issues ..  so changed the manifold gaskets and spark plugs i also did coil packs while i was there . Also ..not sure what it does but the little red air pipe on the back of the manifold was hanging lose (that explains the hissing sound )  i bought a code reader from ebay this thing is brilliant ..not only did it just confirm my thoughts before i started work it also reset all the warning lights .. car runs so nice now. And  yes ..next on the list is the cooolant as the eagle eyed amongbyou will have notices its got the wrong coolantbin it ..im guessing the same mechanic did that as didnt change the spark plugs in banks 1,3 and 5  😁😁😁







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unless you state you want them changed, they usually don't get done

manual for my S-type R says, for the plugs is 100k or 10 years, but thats with genuine oe one's

I change mine every couple of years, there no that expensive and really not that hard to do

if your plugs have not been done before, its worth checking, the air filter and pollen filter, pollen filter always get forgotten and can get in quite a state

always try to use descent seals for the manifold, I always stick to genuine parts, there a common cause of lean fault codes




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peter...well done you !  great to see that you don't mind having a go fixing things, plus it saves loads of money in the long run too,  I also have the same code reader, great little machine. enjoy your rewards when driving now that you've done the fix. 

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Cheers guys . It wasnt really that difficult only needs about 5tools ! Just a bit time consuming ..the whole job took around 2 hours , that a very long time just to change a set of plugs and coil packs ha ha ha ..  and the iar/polen filters are new and the oil is fresh ..but after what i found with the state of the spark plugs ive changed the oil again incase its the wrong weight , 

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