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Ignition Problems, 04 X-Type AWD Estate 2.5


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My local Jag expert has diagnosed the check engine light problem to be caused by a single duff coil pack - number 5 of course 😡 Although my cheap OBD checker says it's 'weak mixture on rear bank'. The actual symptoms are that the engine revs and pulls freely to just under 3K rpm and then goes into limp mode, but immediately runs sweet again once the revs drop back under the magic figure. With the CEL on I can't MOT the car and I've only just reinsured it at a cost of over £400 that I can't merely say goodbye to. Not even the penalty for canceling it.  I can cancel the CEL with the Torque app and my OBD checker, but it comes back on even if I don't get even close to 3K rpm.

In theory since it's only spanner work I could do it myself, but what if it isn't the coil pack and I reassemble it and it's not cured the problem? Is there a way of testing a coil pack to indicate if it's not up to snuff even when it's working ... kinda?

Failing that what price would i be looking at if I had a back street 'expert' do the work for me?

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I think the coils are £30 maybe closer to £40 each (unless its a DIY job, best replace the back 3). You will need to spend £50 on inlet manifold gaskets. Plus it would make sense to get new spark plugs, so an extra £24. Its about 1 hour and 30 minutes in labour. I would not pay a garage no more than £300 for the job including parts. You could source the parts yourself, maybe get some 2nd hand coils from a low mileage car. 




You could probably get labour down to £150 if you find your own parts. 

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I've got one new coil pack and a set of plugs already. Forgot about the need for a new gasket.

I'm not really in the mood to change a whole bank of coil packs on the basis of one partly failing, though. Not even a set of used ones.

That's why I was hoping there might be a DIY way of testing them.

If recent history is anything to go by, the garages I go to are loath to fit components they haven't supplied, so it looks like I'll be DIYing it anyway.

Thanks for the info.

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Decided to have a bash at starting the job this afternoon.

Despite my back telling me off - vigorously - I kept going until it was finished and all tools tidied away.

Started first turn of the key without any long churning over.

But ran rough at over 2,5K rpm.

Rev again - same

And again

and again

and ... coughed ... cleared it's throat and ... went to 6,5K sweet as a nut.

Cleared the error codes with the Torque app and they declined to return 😆 Ya friggin hoo!

Just the MOT & VED to sort out 🤑

Thanks for all the help, Mick.

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