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X type engine warning light

Viv Oliver

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Hi. Joined in November but this is my first post. I live in France and love my X type, a 2008 2.2 diesel estate automatic.Have had it five years and covered 50k miles in it. Jaguar garages are few and far between here and my normal servicing is done by the local Ford dealer.  Now the engine warning light has come on and the Ford people say they cannot carry out a diagnosis as it's not exactly the same as the Mondeo. The car starts runs and drives perfectly OK. Does anyone know if there may be a simple fix for this? Sorry if this problem has been discussed before. 

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Welcome to the Forum, I had a 2.5 v6 AWD X-Type some years back, I intermittently had the Engine Warning Light come on and stay on.  The Garage I bought it from checked it and deleted the light a few times but after a month it kept coming back on, they had an Auto Electrician have a look at it and he traced it to a Faulty ABS Sensor.  Apparently these Sensors faults were regular on the X-type although in the five years I had mine this was the only issue I ever had with the car.

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