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New member's XF questions


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Hello everyone.

I'm now into my 5th month of ownership of my lovely 2015 XF Sportbrake R-Sport Black Edition 2.2 diesel 197bhp. I love it and often gaze at it out of the window (sad, I know).

There's a couple of things that I don't know if they're problems or not, so here goes.

The first thing is the auto stop/start system does not work. There's a message on the touch screen saying there's insufficient battery power to power the system. Its a brand new battery, and the stop/go still didn't work after a recent 600+ round trip. Any ideas? (Yes, it is turned on in system setup on the touch screen!) Trying to sit listening to the radio without the engine running gives the same result and the ignition shuts off after 3 minutes.

Secondly, is there any way you can get the climate control to come on automatically? At present I always have to manually turn it on.

What about getting it re-mapped - is it worth the expense? Fuel economy isn't that great around town, but more than happy on a long run - I achieved 54.8 mpg from Perth to Sheffield.

I'm looking forward to being a contributing member on the Forums.

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Hi Trevor,   When I bought my 2015 Sportbrake I found the Stop/Start didn't work.  I wasn't overly worried by this as I didn't think I would use it very often.    However, I was experiencing an unexplained slight battery drain which meant that sometimes when starting the car, the vents did not open and the start button was not illuminated.  On checking the battery with a multimeter, I found the level was about only 12 volts.  I got the car booked into the dealer and they found that there was a problem with something called a gateway which was replaced and I have now got full stop/start function and no battery drain.  If you bought from a dealer, get it booked in and get them to sort it under warranty.  If not you are going to have to bite the bullet and spend some money to get it rectified !

As to the climate control, if it is not being activated by pressing the "auto" button on the dashboard, you obviously have a fault there.  That setting should remain active until you manually turn off the air con   What happens when you press your auto button ?


Cant advise on re-map.  I get about 35mpg around town and about 50 on a long run which I'm quite happy with.

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Hi Trevor and welcome to the club.

While the XF has many differences with my S Type - 2.7 D, both the models have a lot in common.  One of the things in common is the battery condition.  I do not have many long runs and round the city the mpg is under 30.  My best consumption was from Sutton Coldfield to Sheffield when there were roadworks on the M1, was 50.2, which is the best I have ever had.

I keep my battery well charged, plugging it in to the charger about once a fortnight if I have not had a long run.

Another thing is common is that the Jaguar does like premium fuel and it does give better mpg.  Some members do remap their cars, but, personally,  I have a lot of faith in the engine designers and I am quite happy with the performance it gives.

Meanwhile - keep enjoying your Jaguar,



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Hi Trevor, I know what you mean about the window gazing😁. I've had my 2014 Sportbrake 2.2 just over 7 months now. One of the first things I did was to buy a smart battery charger from Halfords, it was the one designed for stop-start engines, I think about £100. I've connected up the charger battery side connections so that I can plug it in whenever needed in my carport. I've never had a problem with the stop-start, although the Jag dealer did say their warranty also covered the battery for 2 years. I recently was away for 3 months and everything was normal when I returned. From what I have read, the battery condition is usually always the first thing to look for when the stop-start isn't functioning.

I also find the low battery warning comes up if you have the radio/audio system on for 3 minutes after the engine is switched off, but the stop-start should work unless you keep repeatedly overriding the warning.

Also just a note to add - the stop start will only work if you depress the brake fairly hard. A lighter touch which is sufficient to stop the car will not activate the stop-start, but I'm sure you are aware of this,

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