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Sad Wee Rant!


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Basically just needing sympathy and good advice here.

I've had my 2004 X-Type for about 2.5 years, needed very little work done.

However, the sills are now becoming a major issue - combined with a pesky leak that I can't find or fix (resulting in wet feet for my passengers) - and the garage has told me it will be expensive to put her through this MOT, and it's likely to be her last anyway.  

I know it's impossible to advise without seeing - basically just wanted a wee sad rant!!  

And a question:

How are the 3.0 petrol models for rusty sills?  Did the X-Types have a "sweet" year, where the major rust problems were ironed out?  

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hi roz……the issue with water being in the passenger foot well can be down to ether water running down the windscreen and then under the black scuttle where the wipers are, then leaking in through the air pollen filter, the other issue could be that the rain channels that are each side of the wings may be blocked again causing water to through the pollen filter. to check this you need to take off the black scuttle, 1698778340_aircabinopening.thumb.jpg.0bbba8f48c416faeffb8682c40c58b28.jpgin this picture you can see the hole to where the water would run down and into the passenger footwell. the pollen filter fits into this black box, which then you can not see the hole. ( to be honest its a bit of a design fault) when I get time I shall rectify this when I get to fit a new pollen filter. as for your sills they need new sills welding in....this is a problem for the s type too. can be costly !  hope this has helped you...dave.

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I had both X TYPE sills replaced and a great job was done --cost =£400 labor + price of sills - £101 --each I thought it well worth having done because   now since having it done 2 yrs ago --MOT no problems.

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yes frank that's great to know as I keep a check on mine being on a 2004 plate, but I think one day they will need to be done and as you say both sides. as for the cost that's good, plus its keeping the jag on the road. 👍

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