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Interior Wooden Trim... Is removal easy?


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I hope this will help ??

: Full Wood trim removal on the XF

14th July 2014, 09:26
I know the door cards are already covered but can anyone help with all the rest of the wood trim? especially the bits along the centre console...

As there has been talk lately by a few of us on changing it i think this would be good to have on here 🙂
14th July 2014, 09:30
This is covered too in the how, to section. The only item mot covered I guess is the spear, but this is straight forward and pings off with a trim tool.
14th July 2014, 09:33
If you put your fingers under the buttons in the long dash piece you can just pull it off.

To refit, remove the metal clips from the trim and put them back in the holes in the dash. Then push fit the trim piece ensuring the connectors for the buttons and glove box release are refitted.
14th July 2014, 19:28
I did look on the how to first but couldn't see it?
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Thanks for the reply.... I followed the link but it doesn't get me anywhere. Is it just a case of prising off the wooden trim from the door cards, or do you have to completely take the door cards off to get to the rear of them? I really don't want to guess and break something... Wife would kill me lol

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