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  1. On average 2 to 3 hours on mine, inside and out
  2. Seems by some of the replies, but sorry guys i don't think you've read the post properly. Sally is looking for a 5 year old car the links are showing specs for second generation from 2015, the video is showing pre facelift. I have recently bought a 2012 62 reg 2.2 premium luxury. I spent ages looking for the spec that I wanted. In my opinion this is the car to go for it has more extras then the luxury or sport versions for e.g heated front screen, power fold mirrors, to name but two. I'm not 100% sure but think with the portfolio, the only difference is piping on the seats and a few extra little trims. Also you have to consider economy, the 3.0 is thirstier and higher on Tax. I find my 2.2 with 200bhp powerful enough.
  3. Ian1061


    @Old Peter Thanks Peter problem sorted just needed a few days for the WD40 to work it's magic.
  4. Ian1061


    @david moore Was bought from a dealer ( not Jaguar ) who gave me 3 months warranty.
  5. Ian1061


    Hi Peter, Have used WD40, didn't work.
  6. Just taken delivery of my new toy, XF 2.2 Premium Luxury 2012. What a gorgeous thing!! My 3rd Jag, previous two were XTypes. Only problem is when I lock it, the rear passenger door won't lock but it alarms ok with one beep. Also won't lock or unlock using the levers or buttons from inside. Can lock it manually from inside then lock the car up as normal and it's fine. Anyone any ideas?
  7. Just taken delivery of my new pride and joy....what a car!!!


  8. is this any good https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/JAGUAR-X-TYPE-BUMPER-REFLECTOR-O-S-F-N-S-R-FACELIFT-MODELS-2008-2009-ref21617/202173585314?hash=item2f127c17a2:g:rIIAAOSwDuJW0rPa
  9. Ok seeing as Dunks isn't sharing his findings, what I found out is it's used to subtly illuminate your gear stick at night.
  10. Yes I too wanted to know what it is. Would you like to share your findings with us...Thanks
  11. Happy chappy today, just taken delivery of my second Jag, have upgraded from a 2004 2.0D Sport to a 2008 2.2D Se Auto with sat nav.

    Very pleased with it, will be playing with it tomorrow.

  12. Thinking of buying a 2009 2.2d in the very near future. How does it compare, whats fuel consumption like etc. cheers Ian
  13. Hi all New owner of a 2004 X-Type 2.0D Sport, from leeds
  14. Hi I have a problem with my Jaguar X-Type. The left hand main headlight is not working. I have replaced the bulb. It worked for a short while and now has gone again. The car has High Intensity Discharge (HID) Xenon light units, type D2S 35W. The wiring looks ok. All the other lights work fine. Is there anything you can suggest I can do to fix the problem. Thanks