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Valet Button - In Glove Box of S - Type (Opens Boot)

Lord Sladacre

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Hi, Having recently (Sept 2018 - experience still raw)  locked my keys in the boot of my S- Type Dec 2003 SE - (in heavy rain and darkness) - unable to retrieve them despite best efforts of RAC, radio beams etc,. - eventually (over a w/e - 3 days later) received spare keys from my wife at home in Dorset - sent to Kent. However, I have become aware that some models (market) of the S - Type had what is known as a Valets access / button which will open the boot without the need of an ignition key, once of course the cabin is entered. Are members aware of this? Pity Jaguar didn't fit it to all market cars.   

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I Have a Valet switch in the glove box, it does not open the boot,

it disables the boot from opening from the button on the dash and from opening when the button on the boot is pressed

it also comes with a valet key, which is just a key, no remote, but is a few mm longer, the valet key allow access to the car and start it, but wont let you open the glove box or the boot

so when the valet switch is pressed and the valet key is used, they cant access the glove box or the boot.

so the valet button would of not helped you



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I've only ever locked my keys in the car once. Luckily there was a pub nearby and a kind Irish gentleman said he would open the car for £10. Sounded a bargain. When we got to the car he said turn around. I turned around for approximately 5 seconds and then he said done. The door was open. I still don't know how he did it but it's a useful tip for anyone in the same position.

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