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Story of my brakes

Jon Hyde

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Hi All,

I knew there was something a little amiss with my brakes (gentle shudder and rumbling noise), but recently it developed a rhythmic squeak whether breaking or not from somewhere on the righthand side. (not a good impression to anyone as I drove by).

I had to take a trip to Manchester a couple of days ago, and just as I was leaving the M6 for the M62, the message centre politely informed me that the disc pads were low!

My dilemma was whether to try to get pads replaced or drive home to Sussex. As it only said low (not shot to bits!) I decided to drive home (I expected a bill for front discs anyway).

Got booked in to Arun Ltd (in Pulborough), where I bought the car, for today. Wonderful experience, really nice, enthusiastic people! The diagnosis was warped front disc(s) and rear pads which had (on one side) gouged the disc. Decision was to replace all 4 sets of discs and pads. along with wear sensors, Total bill including labour - £936.

Now, I didn't really want to blow £900+ just now, but you can't really mess about where brakes are concerned, but the real revelation is the way the braking and stability has improved! I always thought is was a lovely car to drive, but it's now so, so much better! It stops as well as it goes.

What really surprised me though was to learn that pad wear sensors are no present on every corner, just front left and rear right!, so the others may be wearing more, but undetected, which I think was the initial cause of my problem.

Apologies for a long, probably boring post, but I'm just so delighted to experience my XF has it should be!



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