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Premium sound parcel shelf , grille and brake disc sizes!

s3c chris

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As a new member on this forum I have to say how interesting and helpful it is. It also highlights the differences between seemingly similar cars and the model year differences.

My previous Stype was a 2001 3.0 SE and had 300mm front discs. I assumed all of the facelift ones had 320mm discs but while washing my 2008MY car (again) I realised that on closer inspection my car has 300mm discs. A bit of research shows this to be normal but is this right? Is there any advantage fitting the larger discs and if so does it just require different calipers carriers or is the later system completely different?

On a different note, I have acquired all the speakers and amplifier to upgrade the stereo to Peemium Sound. I obviously have a standard parcel shelf but would like to upgrade that too. Is the centre cloth covered speaker grille a separate item as according to the local parts department it only comes with the shelf which is expensive? As the speakers are for low frequencies is the grille really necessary or does anyone know of one for an SEL trim code?

Finally(!) does anyone know the whereabouts of a mint condition chrome grille surround for a 2007 car with the mesh insert? It is only the surround that I need but once again Jaguar say it can’t be bought separately. I have been to see the NOS items at the local breaker but they are all badly marked from poor storage.

Any help on any of the above much appreciated!

Regards Chris.

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I bought this one from Adamesh - it was a bit fiddly cutting the vertical slats out with a Dremel (try not to break the clips!). The insert was secured with a dab of epoxy resin. I must say it was quite satisfying doing the work myself..


Or you could buy this one:


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