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Rear brakes XF

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Hi all, what tools would I need to change the pads and discs on the girl friends 58 plate 2.7 XF on the rear axle.

Thanks in advance for any info.

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If it like the S-types, just basic tools

a piston wind back tool might help, but when I did mine, they wound in real easy with circlip pliers

also worth checking the old pads as you remove them, some pads have a peg on the rear, some only on the inner two that locate on the inner piston slots

also if it electronic parking brake, it needs to be reset before you operate the park brake or you could damage it, on the s-type you have to disconnect the battery and once reconnected you follow instructions on the dash when first switching the ignition on

there usually little clips on the of the threaded studs as well that hold the disc back, these have to be unscrewed to remove the the discs, but a lot of people just force the discs off with a mallet, so there maybe none there

nearly forgot to mention to release the park brake, press the hand brake off button and hold it while you switch the ignition off and remove the keys, this will release the park brake so you can remove the pads





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