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Sat Nav sd card read error


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I keep getting an sd card read error message randomly popping up on my screen. Has anyone else had the same problem and if so is there a cure. Otherwise it’s back to Jaguar with my pride and joy 


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An update to my first post. I took my XF back to Inchcape but since the error is very random they could not find any faults on my car, not a fault code to be found anywhere. I’ve been told if it occurs when I’m near them to pop in and let them take a look whilst it is displayed on the screen. There have also been a couple of times where none of my favourites were able to be displayed and the screen displayed “the list is empty “.  Oddly enough the only way to get them back is to switch the engine off and start again.  Has anyone seen this fault?

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Hi Pete

Sounds a bit obvious so my apologies for this but could it possibly be a faulty SD card?
I have had issues with different SD cards that I use in my SLR Camera and always ensure I backup as soon as possible if and when the card corrupts.

Maybe worth copying the contents onto another SD card and see how you get on.

Let us know how it all goes

Cheers,  Trevor

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This may seem a bit basic, but...

I used to have a Mercedes with an SD card based SatNav and over time the contacts became oxidised. A quick wipe with alcohol always sorted it. I gather vodka works best, but always used gin!!!


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Thanks for the nice replies. The dealer said that they checked the sd card and said it was ok. I’ll fire up my pc and try to copy it to another. Thanks again

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Update: I took my car to Inchcape in Norwich yesterday to look over the satnav, they kept it overnight but couldn’t reproduce the fault. They changed the card reader on spec so I’ll just have to wait and if it has cleared the fault, which is completely random. 


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