Opening boot lid from remote button

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Hi all. I can't open the boot from my remote key. The boot button and interior button work fine, but when I press the remote, it doesn't do anything. As well, not sure if it's connected, the lights are not turning on from remote button. Is there something wrong with remote? Other than that it locks and unlocks the car as normal.

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Hi Kris,

Beware the remote "boot button" - why did jag put it on there? I locked my keys in the boot because I left the car doors locked and ONLY opened the boot in the rain and dark last September - placed a bottle of wine and flowers in, put my keys down - and closed the boot !!!!!!!!!!!!! Took the RAC 2 hours to open the car - could not open the boot at all !! Took 4 days -  weekend included - to receive the spare keys from my wife, at home 300 miles away !! Forget you have a remote boot key ...................please !    

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I loved my car keys in the boot of my Rover about 25 years ago. My spare keys were in my jacket which I had neatly folded into the boot.  The car was also locked.

The AA man took about ten minutes to open the door, and then was able to drop down a rear seat and retrieve the keys.

I have never locked my keys in the boot since, and find the lock on the boot very useful.

But, as they say up North, "De gustibus nil disputandem" as the old woman said when she kissed the cow.


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