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S type 2.7d dpf red light warning restricted performace gone off!!


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So my jaguar s type xs 57 plate, where to begin, have had it since october 2018 and have only used it for short journeys only soon after amber dpf warning light came on, then red light then,  restricted performace and red light dpf full. It has been at the restriced and red dpf stage for a couple of months now and just yesterday all lights have gone off? It was booked in local garage for dpf replacement, already bought the part but now im wondering if it needs it or not. 

Is it possible that the car has regenerated by itself, if it has surely at that stage i would only assume a regen is possible by forcing it by software. 

if it has sorted itself out, my plan was to sell the car and buy a petrol jag instead 

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Welcome to the club, Mohammed.

I have not come across that problem as I use an additive and also make sure I do a long run once a month.

I have had my 07 plate 2.7diesel for 6 years and  following that system I have never had a DPF problem.



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Once the solid red DPF Full comes on it is not supposed to regenerate itself. You are supposed to go straight to the dealership to have it cleaned and the light cleared.

Have you checked your oil? If it is high this may mean diesel is getting into the oil, and you will need an immediate oil change. If you don’t do that there is a danger of the engine revving out of control, which is very dangerous.

Even if the oil isn’t high I would be getting the DPF cleaned: I wouldn’t take the risk of ignoring what has happened.

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Just checked the oil level it seems as if its all just diesel!! 

Its had a few long runs each month with diesel additive, however it seems it wernt enough as the car is mainly used locally 

it has also had a service 200miles ago 

Its only on 84k miles bought it at 80, never anticipated for all this to happen.
i guess im to blame, im just surprised it hasnt turned out to be that horror story of it (revving by itself and effectively destroying itself, once diesel has been diluted with engine oil) 

its booked in for a dpf replacement and reset and oil change tomorrow, and hopefully will be up for sale in a months time with a new mot

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I would not want to drive it in that state! It would be safer to get it there on a transporter.

At the very least drain off the excess if it is overfilled.

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I agree with David.

After a long run I always check the oil level the day after.  On a few odd occasions I have had surplus oil in the engine sump which I have pumped out and put in the normal amount of oil.

A pump costs about £15 but it is cheaper than a new engine.


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