New owner - Very proud

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Hello All

I am a very pleased owner of a beautiful 3ltr AWD Indianapolis X-Type.

Absolutely everything works on her, from the electric and heated seats to the touchscreen satnav (better feedback on the touchscreen than a lot of modern ones!).

I am amazed by the quality of everything about this car and love the sound that the V6 makes - She still outstrips a lot of the new cars on the road from the lights :-)

I am looking forward to being part of this community.

I attach pics for your enjoyment :-)



Back Left.jpg

Back Right.jpg



Engine Bay.jpg

Front left.jpg

Front Seats.jpg


Rear Seats.jpg

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Welcome to the club, Adam.

You car looks very good and the colour, both inside and outside, really suits Jaguars.  Dove Gray and Indigo Blue do sit together.

Coincidentally, I have an S Type with the same colour match!






2013-07-02 15.08.36.jpg

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Welcome to the Club, Adam.  Previously owned a X-type 2.5 v6 AWD and loved it.  Many happy miles in your great looking car.


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Peter and Bill

Thank you for your warm welcome 😀 I am so pleased with the car - I can believe what value for money you get these days for cars which are surely considered on the cusp of modern classics?!?

Peter, i do love the colour combo and it was always going to be blue or green.  I do love your S-type and i nearly purchased one, but the colour just didnt agree with me (Silver).  A beautiful car though.

Bill, it is good to hear that you enjoyed your V6 AWD.  I have loved driving mine so far, although i havnt too many miles yet as i need to sell my other car before the Jag becomes my main set of wheels.

Take care


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