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Has anyone on here ever tried the terraclean on their jaguar. Im thinking of getting it done and just wondered if theres any pro's or con's to having this. The reviews on it looks pretty good and helps with fuel, emissions and general engine cleaning. Thanks all.

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HI Kevin, 

I tried it on my s type 2.7D about 4 years ago, and found it was quite good.  A friend also had it done after a £1200 quote to replace injectors and glow plugs on his 2.0 litre D x type.  The mechanic doing the job for me told me that I would not need the process too often if I use Premium fuel and the odd additive.



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Thanks for the feedback Peter. It seemed good when I was reading about it but thought id test the water so to speak if anyone had tried it. I think ill get mine booked in then. Cheers 

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does not do anything, modern engines are designed to burn 100% of fuel, so it only reaches inlet valves and then is burnt off

there machine allows the engine to run off it instead of fuel out of the tank, the machine runs at a higher pressure than the cars fuel pressure regulator, so the excess pressure is push into the fuel tank, adding there additive to your fuel, while you don't realize, hence why the emissions are lower and why it runs better for a week or so, depending how full the tank is

cut out the middle man and just put some additive in your fuel and save a huge chunk of money, try something like cataclean in your fuel

think about it, if you have ever seen a valve on a engine, you have to scrap and grind carbon build up off, hows a bit of fuel going to touch it

also if you have emissions problems, better off fixing the fault, additives will always be a short term fix



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Cheers for that info joe, i was looking at it as i put a DPF cleaner in and since then i keep getting the performance restricted light on. Once the fuel filers replaced runs great again and then same thing. Just wondered if it would flush out all the crap that the DPF filter has loosened off. 

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if the dpf's are blocked, there not going to clean easy, they need to get really hot so the burn off the build up

had a friend recently his played up and the dpf pressure differential switch pipe split, which caused the car to stop doing regens and long term blocked the dpfs

he had to take them off and had them cleaned by a company thats specialises in dpf cleaning

it cured his and was far cheaper than replacing

dpf aditives usually work by making the engine run hotter, mainly the exhaust gases, so the dpf get hotter and burns the soot out, ideally you need to give the car a good run with the aditive and its not speed you need, but more revs, keeping the car at higher revs, will get the dpf hotter and help to clear it


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I didnt really look in to this before buying thr car. I must admit i love the jag best car ive ever had and giving it a run now and then isnt to bad. Just frustrating when it happens. I have put the car in today for the terraclean so will see how i get on the next couple of weeks. Thanks for all the info though eveyone, really appreciate it.

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