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Hello everyone.


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Hello everyone, 

Yesterday afternoon I became the proud owner of a black 2016 XF R-Sport 2.0d with 180ps. This is my first experience in Jaguar ownership and so far I'm hugely impressed with it. I was worried that such a big car with a small 4cyl engine would be under powered however it isn't and goes like a dog shot in the backside. Its smooth and feels very positive to drive, I'm very happy with it.

Only one question to ask (up to now), is there a way of finding out what equipment/options my car left the factory with?

I ask as I don't think the equipment list described by the dealer was totally accurate.

Many thanks



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Hi Paul, and welcome to the club.

I found out the full details of the factory fitted options via a website which not appears to not be working properly.

A main dealer should be able to give you the details and all you need should be the VIN number.

The Ingenium Engine is surprising quick and a very good engine.



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Hi Paul....welcome to the Club

I'm not surprised you're happy with the car's performance, it has a great engine under the bonnet.
Not sure about searching the specification options but as Peter has mentioned, it would be worth chatting to the dealer who should be able to print out a spec sheet for you.

Good to have you onboard and enjoy the Jag!

Cheers,   Trevor 

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Apologies for the delay in responding, 

I went to my local dealer as Peter suggested and managed to get a print out of everything that my car left the factory with as well as a touch up pen. The guy in the parts dept was very helpful and nothing seemed to be a problem. So thanks Peter for the recommendation, hopefully if I ever need to visit the service dept I'll be greeted with the same attitude. 

Its been 4wks since I collected my motor and although I've yet to take it for a proper blast, I am more than pleased I bought a Jag instead of any of its German counterparts, they have more presence about them compared to a Merc or BMW and aside from the offside rear door holding water thanks to a blocked drain hole, I'm enjoying Jaguar ownership.

Just a couple more questions though, I've noticed that the driver's door has a hollow sound to it when closing and the door skin flexes quite a lot when the the door has closed. It is quiet when driving however the other doors have more of a solid feel, quieter and the door skins don't flex as much when closed. This could be a sound deadening issue in driver's door but wondered if anyone else had a similar experience?

Also... The air bag light came on today whilst driving, when I arrived at my destination I turned off the engine and left the car for about 2 hours, when I came back to it and restarted the car, as I expected the light came back on, we drove towards home and stopped at the supermarket, parked up and left the car for 30 mins. When we came back to it to go home I restarted the car and this time no light. In previous experience if you have a fault with the airbag or belt tensioners or any other part of the SRS system, the light will stay on until the fault memory has been read and erased even if the the fault is intermittent and held as a stored fault. I'm hoping to get it on a fault code reader on Monday but again wondered if one had experienced anything like this?

Many thanks for the warm welcome


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Hi Paul,

I have not had the airbag issue, but I have a had a gearbox one which took some finding out, but the mechanic i have used for 17 years resolved it when the AA man could not.

The "Restricted Performance" light came on and the OBD2 code reader just gave gearbox fault. I am currently doing an Advanced Motorists Course, and have been using the manual gears to give me some "drag" in urban areas, and the ECU didn't like it.  The ECU thought that when I used 3rd gear I should have gone into 4th gear instead of into Drive in Auto.  So the ECU gave me a telling off.

The ECU seems to keep hold of faults and let you know that you have had one a month ago just to keep you lively as restricted performance came on last week.  I took charge and using my £20 OBD2 reader I erased it to show it who was the boss. It never came back.



Lancastrian in Exile.

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