Breakfast meet October 5th...

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Hi Guys and Gals. 

Im going down to the Jaguar breakfast meet next Sat 5th October. Its at the British Motor Museum. Im a newby Jaguar XKR owner and would like to meet some other owners to hopefully chat about our amazing motors. Btw not just to see XKRs, I love old classics just as much. So are any of you friendly folk going to be there? Have some of you been? Whats it like?

After just over a week of getting my new toy, Im still loving it and can't wait to press the starter button each day. 

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Hi Jason,

I have been to Gayden a couple of times, and I and my wife are coming next Saturday.  Look out for an S type which is in a nice shiny blue.We will probably arrive about 10.30.  The Reg No [in part] is NGG.



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I too hope to go if the old girl passes its  MOT this Friday...... ive been going for over a year now and still enjoy looking around the cars and talking to other jaguar owners, hope to see you both there, mine is a light blue x type on a 54 plate. regards dave. 

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