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Key fob doesn't connect


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Has anyone else had this ... 2004 XK8 convertible.

Both key fobs transmit (tested) but neither will unlock the car.

When placed in the lock and turned to the left the keys don't open the roof at all.

The keys will unlock the car but I have to place the key in the ignition to disable the alarm (of course) which will start to sound. I had a new car battery in February (Mutlu 075 Series 2 Car 12V 60Ah 540A (SAE) 510 A) which is in excellent nick .... I have just  completed a 3000 mile trip across France and Italy so it's well charged. I've had the car in the garage for a week and my mechanic says the control unit seems to be OK and functions within the car and both keys transmit but as I say don't appear to connect to the unit. I've also had a locksmith security expert (huh!!!) who couldn't diagnose the problem.

There are no codes showing.

Any idea guys? 

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Try this

The procedure to program the remote fob or fobs is very simple and should take less than one minute. No tools are required.

All remote fobs available must be present when the car is in programming mode, so that they can be programmed at the same time as the new fob. Any fobs that have previously been programmed to the car will need reprogramming at a later date if they are not available when carrying out the following procedure.

1. Enter the car and sit in the Drivers seat.

2. Place the key in the ignition.

3. Hold the headlight flasher arm back – the blue “high beam” light will come on the dashboard and the headlights will come on.

4. Keep holding the headlight flasher back and turn the ignition key to position 1.

5. Release the flasher, and then flash the headlights FOUR TIMES. You will hear a “Beep” AND/OR see a small red light illuminate briefly on the Gear Selector on the fourth flash of the headlight – this is to confirm that the car has entered programming mode.

6. Program each transmitter (up to FIVE fobs can be programmed) by pressing any button on the fob. You will hear a “Beep” AND/OR see the red light on the Gear Selector with each press of a button.

7. The car must “Beep” or red light flash five times to complete programming. Therefore, if you are only programming one transmitter you should operate the transmitter 5 times.

If you are programming two transmitters you will operate one transmitter twice, and three times on the other.

8. Wait for the car to exit programming – this will be indicated by a final “Beep” AND/OR the red light on the Gear Selector.

9. The remotes are now ready to use.

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Thanks Joe .... I will try this next week when I get back to the UK (car in the garage at home at the moment) ... not sure if it will work as although placing the key in the door lock unlocks the car, when turning the key anti clockwise the roof doesn't open ... which it did before when the fobs worked. The roof opens when using the button on the dashboard, so is key related. Will investigate further. Thanks for the info.

I had a few issues on a long 3000 mile drive into Italy and across France a couple of times during September which turned out to be a faulty speed sensor, which is fixed. The locking problem materialised during the journey before the sensor was replaced, not that I think they are connected but seems odd. 

If this doesn't work I may have to take the car to Harwoods Jaguar as my local garage couldn't sort it out.

Thanks again, Steve

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Brilliant!!! Worked fine, both fobs are now programmed to the car. The only thing I would add is that I had to start the car first to obviate the security light flashing on the gear selector. Then just followed your instructions and though I didn't get the "beep" everything else worked as you said. I recommend this to anyone that has a similar problem. Thanks again.

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