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Love vs. Cost

Mr. Martin

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Hi All,

I've only just signed up as a member but I've been peeking here for a while now. I owe this forum a lot.

So in August of 2016, I got a car from my father when he was moving up the ladder. When he used to be the driver, I never really liked this car, it was only when I first got to drive it that I really fell in love with it. It's now my own, this S-Type 2.7 Diesel, and it's by far the best car I've ever driven. It will soon reach its 300,000km mark, almost half of that done by me since I've had it.

It required some costly work in the last few years, and it will require a good bit more. I've just ordered two new wishbones for the rear and a few other bits and pieces, the turbo needs regeneration and the gearbox has been acting up - I'll be getting it serviced soon with the rest of the work, hopefully that's all it needs. All of this will be around €1,500 bringing the grand total for 2019 to €3,000. New timing belt, rear break discs & pads (Bosch), 3 track control arms and now rear wishbones, turbo and serviced gearbox. This should make the car 100%, but for how long?

My dilemma is this: I've been advised by everyone to get rid of the car and get something new - things will just keep breaking and it's a never-ending story. Thing is, none of these people understand just how much I love my S-Type. I know you do. Hence my question to you: is it all worth it?

I know some of this forum's top members are S-Type lovers like me, I respect you greatly and same goes for your advice. Thank you in advance.

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Welcome to the club, Martin.

I have an s type 07plate and a 2.7 diesel.  Like you, I find that it is a great car to drive and in the 6 years I have had mine I have enjoyed every minute.  My car has done 85,000 miles, with minimal cost and my intention is to keep it forever [I am 85].

I would be inclined to keep you car  --  it is one of the last to be made --  but in the event of more costly repairs I would look around for a similar s Type with a lower mileage.  There are quite a few around in the UK.



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Hi Martin, and welcome to the club.

I agree with Peter. Personally I'd weigh up whether or not the upcoming (and previous) work will keep the car on the road for any appreciable time; there inevitably comes a point of no return, particularly on a high-mileage car, and it may be that it's reached that point.

There's no harm in browsing for one with fewer issues and a lower mileage - you may find one at a good price that you like. I've had Jags all my driving life, and there'll always be one out there for you.

Regards, Mark

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Thanks for your replies guys. Personally, I feel it's not like the car is constantly breaking down, just that a lot of the overdue works are becoming necessary and urgent now. The money I've already spent on it doesn't bother me as much, knowing I've paid for the best parts and gotten pretty good deals (thanks to buycarparts.co.uk!). I see it as an investment in 'renewing' the car and while some like to spend money on new phones, jewellery or fancy clothes, I kinda feel happy buying the good parts for my car. Sort of like a hobby I guess, doing the work on this car. Also, it would feel like a waste if I was to sell this car now, because nobody would appreciate the work done on it.

Now, the motor runs well, the transmission may (hopefully) be back to normal after the service, electrics aren't acting up so I think I might have a good foundation to build on. A lot of the costs is consumable parts, so maybe it's just the time when the car will need a new everything, but maybe there's not so much to do after all.

I may be wrong (likely!), but I believe that at a certain age (12 in this case) you just need to buy the car again in a way, meaning replacing most parts because they were designed to live maybe 10 years. But once that's done, there is no reason why the car shouldn't live another term, starting from basically new again. Would you agree?

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I can understand your wanting to keep the car, but at 300,000km (200,000 miles) I'd be reluctant to throw good money at it. You haven't mentioned anything about the engine, which must be pretty worn by now. After rectifying the current faults what would you do if the big ends start knocking or the rear crankshaft seal starts leaking? They're both engine-out jobs. I would guess that the cams must be pretty worn by now too. Great if you've got the time and facilities to do the work yourself, but if not there'd be some serious decisions to be made.

Again, it's a personal view, but I'd be looking for something else.

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