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Front shock absorber bushings


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Friends, Romans and fellow Jag owners,

Long time, no see, which may be a good thing, as no news is good news. Besides I've been terribly busy, what with full work load and starting my own business and everything. Anyhow, the much beloved King Bob (blame the favourite wife, not me) had a 200000km (or 120000 miles to most of you) service last week. No problems, except that the (lower) bushing on one of the front shock absorbers are worn out. It seems to me that Jaguar don't sell the bushings and charges eye watering prices for their adaptive shock absorbers. They tell me that https://parts.jaguarlandroverclassic.com/xr843729-shock-absorber.html is the correct one, but thinking about what else I could do with that kind of money, you will understand that I want to find a place to buy just the bushings.

Lazlo, Joe or anyone else knowledgeable; where can I find such precious items?

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Well, this is interesting. 🤨

Got the bushings and handed them over to my local repair shop (I've been under enough old cars in the middle of winter, thank you). Got the car back yesterday and the steering wheel was 45 degrees to the right, which had me puzzled, because I didn't think it would be necessary to disassmble anything related to that. In addition, the car felt like I was driving on ice and made sudden jerks to the right, especially after breaking.

The service manual doesn't offer me (which may say more about me than the manual) . Any ideas?

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the 2002 plus cars, the lower shocker bush is in the lateral arm, not in the shocker, pre 2002 cars had them in the bottom of the shocker

either way there was no need to touch the track rod ends

odds are you tracking is out now, and it will effect handling and will wear your tyres out, if its bad enough



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If my car was returned to me in that condition it would go straight back to them. As Joe says, it sounds like the tracking is completely off (but quite how it should have got to that condition is beyond me).

Cheers, Mark

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Belated merry christmas and a happy new year to everyone.

They fixed it the next day and the car is its happy self again. I somehow forgot to ask what they did, but they looked a bit sheepish when they said they made fools of themselves.

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