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DAB and Bluetooth Audio functions on 2011 XF Portfolio

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Hi all.

New to the forum, and my first post. Sorry to ask for something before giving something, but here goes.....


I'm on the brink of owning my first XF 🥰. A 2010 Portfolio.

At this point I'm pretty much ready to hand over my hard-earned and drive away the car tomorrow.

But I have a couple of questions relating to audio....


The car is advertised as including DAB, there is a DAB menu on the screen, but when I clicked on this menu most functions are greyed out, and it states "searching" It remained in this state for the entire test drive.


I'm trying to work out if this is just a reception issue (it was fairly rural), a problem with an included feature, or if the DAB feature is included at all.


Answers to the following would be entirely welcome:

1. Is DAB included as standard on the 2011 portfolio?

2. For XFs that do not have a DAB option, is the DAB menu still shown on the head unit?

3. Any other advice in this regard?


I was pretty disappointed that bluetooth worked only as a hands free phone, and doesn't include bluetooth audio streaming. Anyone manage to retrofit or add bluetooth streaming to their XF?


I love the car, but struggling to imagine life without streaming music and podcasts while driving.


Thanks very much in advance,





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Hi Matthew,

I can only relate my experiences with my 2011 XF-S Portfolio...

  1. Definitely has DAB
  2. Searching can be slow, but once complete, reception seems to be rock-solid
    However, there are many 'bands' (or whatever they're called!) and they seem to be related to your location when searching
  3. bluetooth audio does work in mine (with an iPhone 10), although mainly I play my ancient iPod via USB or CDs and, of course the DAB

Not sure if any of that will help with your dilemma if it simply refuses to work as you would like, but good luck anyway - there are many other things to enjoy about an XF!


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Are you buying the car from a dealer or private seller ?   If a dealer, they should  be tasked with sorting out the DAB issue before parting with the car.   If you are buying privately, surely the seller would be able to advise on whether the DAB works or not and advise on bluetooth audio capability  ?

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