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X Type tourer buying advice for a newcomer

Nick England

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I'm in the market for a larger car, as the Cooper S finally has to go. The kids just can't squeeze in the back any more.

I really like the look of the X Type Tourer. The budget won't be huge, probably around £2k.

I'm looking at a 2.0 diesel. Would ideally like one with a full leather interior.

Most of the models I see for sale are fairly high mileage. My old man drives an old Volvo S40 estate, and says miles mean nothing. I'm inclined to agree with him. I clocked up over 150,000 miles in my old Cherokee, and only got rid of it as it wasn't worth shipping when I moved back to the UK.

So, how are the X-Types as a high mileage motor? Anything to look out for, in particular on the 2.0 diesel?



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Hi Nick and welcome to the club.

On off my sons has a 2006 X type estate with the 2.0 D engine, and with now 140 k on the clock.  It is the Sport Model and so does not have leather upholstery.

The 2-0 diesel is the Ford model and was requested by owners to be used due to its steady drive and its solid reputation.  I have heard of an X Type 2.0d with over 200k on the clock and still going strong.

The only thing that I dislike about my son's car is that it is a bit noisy, which I think could be cured with a proper engine cover. [My s type 2.7D] is as quiet as a mouse].

It is a sturdy cat and not expensive to run.




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biggest problem is rust on the sills, there hidden with a plastic cover and can completely rot away

irrelevant of year or mileage, so checking sills is a must, especially towards the rear

awd models can have problems with drivetrain, so make sure you test drive and take to a least 70 mph

also if its a auto make sure it all works ok, make sure all the keys work

also use a app like vehicle smart, which will bring up all past mots, lots of mention of rust would be a bad sign

also at a certain age fuel pumps fail, taking out all the injectors, so worth checking service history



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Joe, aside from checking the MOT reports, and short of taking the plastic sill cover off on the forecourt or owners address (never going to happen!), any other way of checking for sill damage? Does the X show any signs of rust around the sill area?

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