not much of a topic: just my introduction

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Hello Fellow Jagers!

I'm a  l o n g time DIYer and have several Jags. The latest hoard are three Mk-1's, Have been saving one for a quarter century and just bought two more so-- let's go! All bodies are decent, may find some serious rust yet undiscovered. Want to find a dry ice blaster to chase what I find, have a sand blaster but don't want to end up with a sandy beach! Have yet to checked to see if any CR boxes or quick steering, etc. Anyone have the specifications and pics of the optional ARBs (NOTE) I'm not commercial, just a duffer that likes to play with cars in my shop! Want to make a fun one for my use--no where near concurs, another for trials etc. and then what's left to flog. 

Any one else active with Mk-1's?



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Hi Michael....welcome to the Club

Would love to see some pics of the Mk1's if you can post some up

Good to have you onboard

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