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Bluetooth Connectivity?


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Hi. I’m hoping someone could help with some questions about my ‘07 Plate S-Type.

Basically, I’m trying to figure out their is bluetooth enabled on this device for hands free phone calls. There is a button on the stereo and when I press it, the message presented is “No Phone”

my last 6 of the VIN Are N70472 and I’ve attached an image of the stereo. 

any instructions on how to connect are received with thanks. 


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bluetooth is not the most difficult retrofit; I have done it to my 2005.

You will need:
1 Microphone (drivers side of roof console, plugs in under roof console)

2 Phone module (behind nearside boot lining)

3 Additional D2B (optical) harness (if you do not already have a D2B device in the boot you may not need this)

4 Voice bypass jumper

5 BTUM (actual bluetooth unit; under centre console; your year should have the correct wiring; mine didn't)

6 You will likely need to 'code' your car to get everything working (especially if you do not already have a D2B device in your boot)

You can fit an X-Type combined PSE and BTUM (7w93-10d893-ab) in place of items 2 & 5 above; this will need a bluetooth antenna (this is what I fitted).

With the exception of making a hole in your headlining beside the roof console, and the 'coding', it's all plug and play.



PS: my car details on this forum are out of date; I have both a 2000 and a 2005 S-Type

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if your retro fitting, your better off going for the later type phone/bluetooth module that a combined unit phone and bluetooth

far easier than fitting the two seperate items, just the one in the boot, but you still need the mic and a aditional bluetooth antenna, but there under a fiver on ebay

personally better off going with a Parrot mk9200, easier to fit, full hands free, play mp3's from sd card and also stream music from your phone, much better



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