"Essential Journeys" conundrum

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Like many, given the current "lockdown" situation, over the past couple of weeks I have only been using my car ( 2013 XF 3.0D Portfolio) for local shopping trips. I use the car because I can get more shopping (stock permitting) and therefore reduce the number of times that I have to leave the flat, thus reduce exposure to any virus etc. Seems sensible, if we take the government advice and every thing else at face value.

Now then, I know from previous experience (well documented in the XF forum) that before too long, these short trips are going to result in the DPF warning light appearing yet again. I know, also from previous experience that it is fairly easy and straightforward to clear an amber DPF warning light by taking the car on a run.

So, would taking the car on a run to clear the DPF in such circumstances be considered "essential" or run the risk of a ticket if stopped by the police? The only other option would be to return directly to home and call the AA. Thereby using up scarce and valuable resources for something that is relatively trivial and easily dealt with and also it would mean that a third party (the AA technician) is at increased risk unnecessarily.

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Hi Allan....welcome to the Forum

It's a difficult one and something we have never encountered before and hopefully never will in the future.
I'm of the belief that we should only use the car as you are currently (and sensibly) using it but this will accelerate any issues with the car including huge drain on the battery if only used for a short distance which won't give it a full charge.

I suppose the ultimate answer is not use the car, keep it on trickle charge and/or disconnect the battery. This would then necessitate more frequent shopping trips but then this would lead to more exposure to the virus...viscous circle really 

Stay Safe and good to have you onboard

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Hi Allan, 

I have exactly the same problem but with an easy solution.  We have two cars!

My Jaguar s type diesel is now sitting on the drive and gets the battery charged every 5 days, and my wife's Toyota Yaris Hybrid is going a great job. Without it I would be  stymied as my S type needs about 40 minutes driving a week to keep the battery and car operating properly. 

Let us use hope that matters are sorted soon.



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I have much the same problem with my diesel XE, a modern charger that can be left on all the time takes care of the battery, I would never disconnect the battery, this could lead to all sorts of electrical problems.

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