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Finally here after so many years


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It’s been a long time in coming, and a bit of a boyhood dream, (I’m 52 now) but last Friday I picked up my 2013 XF 3.0 D Sportbrake with Premium Luxury Trim level. 
Have to say it’s everything that the young boy in me dreamed having a “Big Cat” would be. Fast, responsive, big, hugely comfy and very sure footed on its feet. I’m a bit smitten, but then no doubt everyone on here is 

Thanks for having me 


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Hi Paul,

I shared the same dream - just took me a bit longer to get there! (I'm now 64).

After decades of company cars, I eventually threw in the towel a couple of years ago, returned the Mercedes and bought my first car in 37 years, a 2011 XF-S Portfolio.

It has cost me a bit - tyres (255/35x20 Pirellis don't come cheap! and some fixes along the way, but none of that dims the silly grin when I drive it!

Enjoy yours!


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