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How comfortable are the seats in an X-Type?


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I had been driving a Rover 75 estate and was considering a low mileage X-Type estate. However, I ended up buying a 20 month old Vauxhall Insignia Elite estate 3 years ago on the basis that it was a lot younger car and the Elite because it had leather memory seats and some other items. All very good until long journeys. We make 2 or 3 return journeys each year which are just under 900 miles each way. During the return journey this week my OH commented 'next time you buy a Vauxhall specify one with Rover seats'. Yes, the Rover seats were extremely comfortable.

So my thoughts have returned to an X-Type - I like traditional styles such as the wood dashboard etc.

So my question good people - how comfortable are the seats, especially if you have owned a Rover 75.

The various reviews state that the X-Type is a comfortable car and I am now pondering selling the Insignia and finding a good X-Type estate.


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From the forums I’m a member of and the many people I know with x types, not once have I seen it said, the seats are uncomfortable. If you can find one close by, go for a test drive.🙂

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Many thanks for the replies. Also thanks for the reply about the Rover 825. I had an early and late 800 and found those comfortable...though never drove either of those for 10+ hours on consecutive days.

Yes, intend on going and testing a couple of cars but in self-isolation at the moment due to having returned from abroad.

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