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2016 xf intermittent starting problems.

Steve Black

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I have had my 2016xf 2.0d for 2 months now and recently the car has starting problems. 

When my wife tries to start the car it comes up key not recognised. Then when she holds the key to the dashboard it turns the ignition on then immediately off again. Even after several tries it still won't start. Then later sometimes 10 minutes sometimes an hour later it starts no problem. 

I've been out to rescue her a few times now and I'm getting tired of it. Initially I thought it was the battery so I replaced that. No change. 

Problem is I can't get the car to replicate the fault with me. But I've stood there and watched my wife have this problem. 

The car is still under warranty but I just know they won't find a fault so I'm reluctant to book it in. Especially since the garage is 2 and a half hours drive away. 

Anyone had similar problems? 

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Still have the same problem after several visits to Jaguar aberdeen they have said there is nothing more they can do for us. 

Just thought I'd bump this incase anyone else has the same problem. 

And the best way I've found to temporarily fix the problem is to disconnect and reconnect the battery. Works 80% of the time. 


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I'm fairly sure there is a faulty control module but finding which one is the problem. And even if I wanted to I can't start replacing modules because only Jaguar can code them to the car and they have refused to change any parts because they can't find a fault. 

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As crazy as it seems I'm fairly sure the position of the drivers seat has something to do with this. 

I have tested re setting the fault several times with the seat forward. (Where my wife sits) and it doesn't work. Then I slide the seat back, reset it once and it fires up straight away. 

I have done this test a few times with the same result every time. 

Doesn't make any sense at all but that's what happens. 

Now I need to investigate what wiring is under the seat that could cause this. 

Time to rip the interior out I guess. 

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Can dealers really do this? I’m looking at a 2016 car and not being able to start it is fairly fundamental!  Seems ludicrous that they can get away with it!

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Hi Steve, I have a 2013 XF and over the last year, about once a month the car won't start. Leaving it for 20 mins to an hour it then restarts. My garage has spent hours trying to find fault, even replacing both batteries without success.

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