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What did I know thinking Jags were only for old men!


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Just wanted to say hi to you insightful ones, and Wow was I wrong with my thinking before buying my XF S.

What a car, the interior just feels so much more premium than Audi and BMW, and the lazy 3.0D V6 S engine is a joy to "woft" around, and then you open the taps!

I have had the car for 3.5 years now, still love it, had a few problems, but its worth it.

It eats tyres and brakes and as it has the staggered 20" 285 rear and 255 front I cannot move the tyres around and it seems to have a homing system for potholes

Its a great tow car, pulling a 1550kg caravan with ease.

Would only change it for a newer XFS, be interesting to know if the x260 XFS is as good.

Outstanding issue - Heated/cooled seats not working, rear o/s door lock sticking.  And blown intercooler.


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