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Hello everyone, I have recently bought my first ever Jag, a 2009 XK.  I absolutely love it and was am very pleased with my purchase however a few months into my ownership i have discovered water is getting into the car and collecting behind the front passenger seat. I am not talking about a few drops, the carpet was absolutely soaking.  My local Jaguar specialist thought it was a leak from the AC unit but they have fixed that (at a high cost!) however i noticed today the water is back in the rear footwell.  I think it could be coming in where the boot hinge is but to honest i am clutching at straws! Has anyone had a similar experience. My garage is too small to fit the XK in so i am desperate to sort the leak.  Thank you!! David


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Thank you Joe, i really appreciate the reply.  The door seals seem ok however you could be right.  However i think i am getting there in at least managing the problem.  my drive has a slope and a part that is pretty flat.  i parked the car on the flat part last night and even though it absolutely lashed down there was no sign of water this morning.  So my advice is try not to park on a slope. Thanks

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