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Battery Conditioning


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I've just bought my XK and have been reading the many topics in this forum with interest. One relatively common theme is the need for a good, strong battery. With the lockdown, I don't foresee me doing many miles, and it could be a couple of weeks between journeys (even then, only 40 mile round trip to work and back). I was wondering if I should get a charger to trickle charge the battery or maybe just take the car for a 40 mile drive every weekend (due to the MPG, I reckon a decent charger might be cost-effective!).

If I opt for the trickle charger, is a few hours over a weekend enough and can I just plug it in while fitted to the car, or would I need to disconnect the battery first? Next question - what do I need to remove in the boot to get to the battery?

Has anybody got any views or recommendations on this, as I'm sure there may be others in a similar situation.

Thanks very much,


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Noco Genius or CTek are ideal for your situation. I have used both and can't see that there is any real difference between them.

5 amp versions are perfectly adequate but 10 amp versions do the job faster.

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I use a Deltran  junior battery tender.

It goes thru 4 different cycles and ends at maintain.

I am quite pleased with it. It holds the battery at 12.96 volts steady all winter.

It stays on from Nov to May, and if I am not going to drive for over a week, I just plug it in and forget it.


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