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Searching for John E Earle or Darren Craig Earl.

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Hi, I have owned my series 1, 2+2 since 1997. During lockdown I have been researching the history of my car. John E ( Edward) Earle of Hull then Bridlington owned it between November  1977 and 1982. 

 Does any one here know John E Earle or his nephew Darren Craig Earle  ?

Any leads most welcome.


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Hi Stephen, I was brought up in Hull and I remember  Earles cement and Earles ship  builders. I think Earles had a ship yard in Selby, to the west of Hull.

No Idea if they are related or anything to do with either of these companies, but I will keep lookling. There was also a Johm Earle, surveyor who worked for a local contractor.



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Hi Rod and thanks for the help.  The E type was Blue when John bought it but I believe it was painted Red in 1980 ish. Registered  LTN 3D. I have found a guy who remembers working on the car, replacing the cylinder block due to frost damage but so far the trail to John Earle has gone dead. There is a suggestion that he moved to Lincoln but I believe that his  twin brother Peter may still be around in the Hull or Bridlington area.  

 Family include Steven J Earle, son, Darren Craig Earl, nephew who from internet searches came up as being a member of this forum, and another nephew Christopher James Earle.

Any lead at all would be most helpful




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