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Rear camera

Tony rollinson

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Rear camera worked when I reversed on drive , when I started to drive to work the next morning,  it came up on dash as a fault that the camera had stopped working , sure enough when I reversed into parking spot it had stopped , censors still working,  any clues or is there a way off testing to see what is the fault,  weid this is the 3rd xf I've had all seem to get the same faults aircon and rear camera! Worse is it's just out of warranty,  bugger.

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Hi Tony and others

I went through the same problems over a year ago but occasionally it would work. In my case the camera worked, but I lost the yellow guide lines so I have had an aggravated year during Lockdown using only 1 tank of deisel since last October, so I just lived with the problem. However a couple of weeks ago my passenger side back door would not open from the outside, this I thought could be dangerous so I booked my car in on Tuesday 18th to my new favourite garage in Storrington West Sussex. It cost me £96.01 for the Boot Wiring Loom, the Nearside rear Door locking motor £134.38 4 hours labour £240.00 Sub total £470.39 with VAT £564.47. I am now happy again although a little poorer. Happy to share more detailed information if anone needs it. I have been told that the Door locking motors are very unreliable and some XF drivers have had to replace three motors on their cars.

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