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4 ways and brake lights stuck on


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I hope someone can advise.

I had a problem when i closed the boot, the 4 ways came on and the brake lights are on all the time. I found 6 broken wires in the boot loom and fixed them. but when i connected the battery back the 4 ways and brake lights are still on.

They stay on even when i stop and get out I have to disconnect the battery . A friend says it will be the Body Control Module ie the big fuse box in the boot on the RHS.

I have ordered a brand new boot loom in case something squiffy is going on the cable even though I continuity checked each cable

Does this sound right to you guys and gals?


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On 6/24/2021 at 3:27 PM, nwedr said:

the 4 ways came on

I have to ask the question, what do you mean 'the 4 ways came on' ? I'm sure to you it is perfectly obvious.

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