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Hi all,

I'm new at this forum stuff so please bear with me. I'm retired and in my seventh decade and very new to Jaguar ownership. Always wanted one but never got round to fulfilling my dream untill last year when I bought my first, a 2015 XE r Sport and very nice it was as well. Better yet my wife approved so winner all round. Just 3 weeks ago I saw a 2016 XF Portfolio in the Jaguar Dealership near me. Negotiated a satisfactory trade in price for my XE and got the XF price down a bit. Deal done. I'm now the proud owner of a 2016 XF Portfolio with only 31k on the clock, and without to much ear ache from she who must be obeyed. In fairness to her she was up for it as well as it being a bigger vehicle getting in and out was easier and it appears to be a bit wider so she doesn't have to sit to close to me. We picked it up yesterday and absolutely love it. Except.....there's always an except...I can't figure out how to get the voice giving me ( or her ) directions when the infotainment is in navigation mode. The infotainment centre is the 10" screen with no physical buttons type. Any hints, tips or help would be much appreciated.

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Welcome to the club Richard

Hoe you are enjoying your new XF


Try looking on Youtube for videos on the infotainment, You'll be suprised whats available 



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