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She's Here !!

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Like a kid with a new toy on Christmas day.

We picked up the XKR today, a 2008 X150 with 27,000 miles on the clock which has been well loved by its previous owner.

Spent the afternoon fiddling around with settings and learning where everything is and then took her to have some new front tires fitted. The ones fitted to the car were the originals from 2008 .🤨

Also popped off the rear seat cover to take out fuse 19 for the exhaust valves . Free extra burble, what's not to love.😀

Quick question if I may, I can't get the audio system to recognise my USB stick with music on it. Can anyone say what format it accepts in term of the USB formatting, size, MP3s etc.

I've attached a few pics and am looking forward to learning all about this beautiful girl.








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Welcome to the club Steve

She looks a beauty. Good job on changing the tyres. A lot of people don't realise the age of the tyre and driving around with 13 year old tyres on a performance car. 

Let us know how you get on over the next few weeks

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Thanks Steve

We're taking her on a decent run to North Cornwall next week so I'm giving her a good going over to make sure, as much as I can, that everything's tip top.

She's been very well looked after but to say the previous owner was not mechanically minded would be a bit of an understatement.

I've got the car booked in on 12th July to have a new condenser fitted as the current one is U/S so no aircon just now and I'm getting the tracking done at the same time


I'm looking to source a toolkit and space saver wheel over the coming weeks. I know that I need a 7mm spacer for the rear from the research that I've done and I've spotted the following toolkit from 2006 XKR on eBay. I'm guessing that the lug wrench will be the same size etc. Do you know if it will fit mine.


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8 hours ago, S collins said:

I have H&H centric spacers fitted to mine that have a warning not to use with steel wheels (space savers ) 

I can't find H&H Centric Spacers, did you mean H&R possibly.

Are your spacers permanently fitted to the hubs ?

This is where I'm going to be getting my 7mm spacer from https://motorsport-tech.com/wheel_spacers.html

As it's specifically made for the job I'm not sure what the issue would be for temporary use with a steel space saver wheel. If there is something I've missed I can get the 7mm spacer made from steel rather than aluminium. Any advice greatly received before I push the button on the order.


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Interesting, I need to do some more research.

Do you have your spacers permanently fitted? Is your spacer steel or aluminium ?

Here's a pic of the spacer I'm looking to get. Is yours different ?

Hub AND wheel centric, with wheel centering registering lip to prevent vibration.



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Mine are fitted permanently and in the event of having to use the space saver will just remove the spacer as I don’t have Alcons fitted ☹️
I just can’t see myself driving along with a spacer fitted🤮particularly on the rear ,I would probably have the tyre replaced at the roadside as the majority of rapid deflation’s destroy the tyre before you have a chance to stop 

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