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Replacing fuel filler flap hinge.


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Not the usual solenoid issue with my filler flap, the problem with mine is the hinge that holds the door on has physically snapped off. I took the car back to the dealer I bought it from and was told it would be "A couple of days" to get the part in. That was on June 30th. I've since emailed 3 times and phoned 4 times, only to be told each time that somebody would call me back, but as is always the case with dealers., nobody has done. The cheeky !Removed! even told me the other day "they're very busy and short staffed and I'm not helping by keep calling and sending messages". Tough s**t pal, because if you're going to repeatedly promise me a callback and not deliver  I'm going to keep calling you. 

That's the story so far. IO can't have it done next week because it's going in to have the wheels refurbed, and from 4th August my missus is going into hospital for a knee op so I can't be without a car, so I've emailed them an ultimatum saying if they can't do it between the 25th July and 3rd August to let me know and I'll get someone else to do it, and send them the bill. 

Anyway, my question is, assuming this plastic hinge isn't particularly expensive, does anyone know how much of a job it is to replace it? I know you can't see the far end of the hinge from outside the car, so I assume the assembly will have to be taken apart from inside the boot. Any advice appreciated, I'd rather not have to take it in to somebody else and try to get them to pay for it so that has to be a last resort really, but I'm not expecting them to get it done for when I need it to be done. I'm also not sure if it's an MOT fail, I assume it is - the fuel filler door is current just stuck on with double sided tape. 

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I'm not sure, I thought if it was a locking cap it had to lock? 

Knowing dealers, they're probably trying to source one from a scrapyard or something. I might see how much they are and do it myself, how hard can it be? Besides, it can't cost that much for a piece of plastic, although with car parts you never know. 

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Thanks John. I've actually just had a call from the dealer a few minutes ago, they have the party and it's booked in for next Monday. The threat of getting Jaguar to fix it and sending them the bill seemed to do the trick. 

I've saved that link though, could be useful to someone else at some point. 

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