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AdBlue Quality - Non dealer supplied


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Informed yesterday by Jaguar that AdBlue DEF Fluid used for "top-ups" must be up to the standard's specified by Jaguar in the owners manual otherwise a warning light will be displayed as the levels drop and damage may be caused!   Even though I have located DEF liquid at more reasonable (not Cheap) prices and it has the same standards as quoted by Jaguar they told me that the "Specific Gravity" SG may be different to the jaguar version and will cause "Layering" of the 2 liquids as they will not mix together in the tank - cant remember fully but I think it displays !DEF Fluid Mixture Error! Would appreciate your thoughts as I've purchased 10 litrs of RedEx Ablue for  "just in case" emergency. Your thoughts and experiences greatly appreciated.

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Providing the AdBlue has the Number on it recommended by Jaguar you should be alright, depending on your mileage that would give you an idea how many litres to add .

They say that the usage can vary between 500 to 800 miles per litre,i think with my XF i'm travelling about 600 miles per litre and that AdBlue may only have a 2 year life span and if you don't do a lot off miles then only add 5 litres.And it is recommended not to Overfill when Topping up.

The fluid can crystalise and if that happens it will cause problems ( ie injector may need cleaned or tank may need to be drained ) and according to some owner's it can be a DIY job.

My XF had the AdBlue filled by the garage when I bought it and come October that will be 2 years ago, i've checked on the car computer and it's telling me the i have 3355 miles left and seemingly it will give a warning when to add the Fluid ,i believe that some owner's wait till the mileage comes down to about 500 miles before adding any Fluid.

To check the Service and AdBlue, Switch on the Ignition by Pressing the Stop/Start Button but Don't put your Foot on the Brake Pedal ( ie Don't Start the Engine ) and Scroll the car Computer till you come to Information and then you can check your AdBlue mileage.

I've heard that some owner's buy it from Screwfix ( Redex ) and some from Halfords, and it's been said that not to buy from a garage forecourt where it is being Stored in Brilliant Sunshine.

Regards Tom.



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Hi Tom

Many thanks for your in-depth and informative reply.

The 2017 (Dec) 20D 180 Portfolio doesn't have a fluid check facility on the service menu!!! How !Removed! annoying is that?

Also been informed that the AdBlue tank takes 20ltrs (if Empty!!) which has now been fully checked and topped up during the service.

I noticed some crystallisation around the DEF cap when I took a look so did the usual and scanned the Forums

I purchased the car a week ago with a "Service/Maintenance issue" that came to light after I had paid!! . Instead of returning the car  we agreed a full Jaguar dealership "B service £££££!!!! " which is not due until December would rectify the problem. Amazingly and at there cost they agreed as I think they where having problems selling due to the 5 year Luxury Road Tax charges.  It went to Jaguar yesterday and passed with a full/clean bill of health. To be fair Jaguar and the dealer I purchased it from have been very good in every respect.

Many thanks for your help.

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Trooper 2142 - No way to check now I'm afraid - but was given that figure by Jaguar Service on collection of the car  last night - Perhaps that's for a complete flush and refill from empty , figure quoted from their maintenance schedule! They just said it was a 20ltr tank and to drop back in if I had any DEF warning lights etc. They did say though that it's a possible to top up the reservoir whilst the engine is running to prevent air locks and improve the mixture!!,  also not to buy from a garage forecourt! many thanks


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8 hours ago, Colin Bain said:

I have a 2016 XE AWD, I usually wait until a low fluid warning comes up on the screen then pour in 5L of DEF fluid, ( £6.00 for 5L from Asda ) the 5L lasts a long time, I have never had any problem.

Thanks for the info Colin. Your thoughts and clarification most welcome.

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Works for me Colin, As the car is a recent purchase and the drivers manual is a little sparse on DEF  instructions I had no idea as to how much was in the tank, if I should I top it up or wait for a dash warning light? Being a little concerned with some previous posts on this subject i was Just trying to get all the info to make an informed decision. That's now be done by Jaguar and the folks on this forum so will look forward to trouble free motoring for at least 12 months!!!! 


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