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Best Unleaded Fuel For 2007 3 litre V6 S-Type


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I would be most grateful for recommendations of the best fuel for my newly purchased 2007 3 litre V6 S-Type. I took it on a nearly 200 mile journey the day after buying and it drove beautifully on the standard unleaded from Costco (no super unleaded). I was wondering if there is any benefit using Shell V-Power

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This is back to "The Golden Oldie" .......... is supermarket petrol any different to major brands E.G. BP, Shell and "Other brands that are readily available"

It is a very motive subject and probably revolves around does the "Supermarket Brands" have the same additives as claimed by the "Brands".

I doubt the truth of this will ever be disclosed by either side in the competitive market of petrol/fuels. The Brands always seem to advertise their additive values of their petrol`s, but I personally  do not recall seeing any supermarket fuels having their additives listed or promoted.

However, I do recall a conversation I once had with a Petrol delivery driver in a fuel station, on this subject of Brands v Supermarket. It was actually in a BP Petrol Station and that said drivers reply was, "I have never understood what all of the fuss is about. All of the fuels, no matter where they end up, all come from the same tanks at the refineries where we load the fuel." 

Personally I found this statement a little hard to accept .............. but who knows. I suspect that there may be a person or persons on this forum that is in possession or actual knowledge of the differences (if any) on the fuels as supplied by "Brands" and as supplied by "Supermarkets".

Like you I would really like to have a definitive answer on this subject. Meanwhile I will stick with "Branded Fuels" , rightly or wrongly .

Best Wishes and Regards, John

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