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X Type Electrics


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Hi X-Type fellow enthusiasts,

I bought a 2002 X-type 2.0 petrol from a private buyer as seen and drove 50 miles or so and the car just stopped. I got it towed to my mechanic and as the car has not been driven for six years he has looked into it and changed the fuel pump as petrol was not going in and checked everything and he has had it for 4 weeks. It seems that the electrics are flagging up- a lot of warning lights and just cannot get it going. Has anyone come across this before or have any suggestions at all? please advise 

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Can be common on these, make sure the battery is good, a low battery will cause all sorsts or problems

put the battery on charge overnight, if it improves, replace with a new one




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Invest in a CTEK charger/restorer, probably an MS 7 or MS 10. Then use it regularly, even with a new battery they can save a lot of problems associated with electrical drain. I use mine regularly at least once a month and for a 24 hour period. I now find I get very little irregular and unneeded codes and messages. That is on top of a new and specified battery. Well worth the investment for peace of mind and nuisances.


Best Wishes and Regards, John 

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